Design is more than a process,
it required mindsets

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Welcome to
Penggiat Design library
A collection of user interface & user experience stuff, useful and to support your design process.
Mendesain Mobile UX
Crafted by Borrys Hasian
Design Sprint Book v1.0
Crafted by Penggiat Design
Design Documentation
Crafted by Penggiat Design
Usability Testing Handbook
Crafted by Penggiat Design
Common Mobile Pattern
Crafted by Penggiat Design
Implementing Hooked Model
Crafted by Penggiat Design
Black Dotted Sketchbook
Crafted by Penggiat Design

Cool avatars for you,
made with love and totally free.

This is my endless project & let me try to commit and create at least 1 avatar per week.
Get your own cool avatar and use it for FREE !!!

High-quality component based
illustrations made with Sketchapp.

Easier to change and customize the style, pose, shape, and color of the symbol
without having to change the master symbol.